Riding Through Munnar’s Tea Plantations

Riding through the tea plantations of Munnar was like a relaxation therapy session.

Wild Elephants At Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

While riding through the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary we rode past a small herd of wild elephants which were grazing by the side of the road. We didn’t dare stop to take a closer look and take pictures. These wild elephants are known to be unpredictable, specially when they have a small one with them. If [...]

Creating GPS Routes From Tracks Using Garmin Basecamp

One of the nice features of Garmin’s Basecamp software is the the ability to convert a track into a route. A track is a record of where you have been. A route is a plan of where you want to go. Under normal circumstances you create a route in Basecamp, save it to your GPS [...]

Thoughts On Travelling Solo Or In A Group

Here is a very nice video discussing the benefits and drawbacks of travelling solo or with company. I agree that the best way is to travel with company but with the freedom of doings things solo as and when one feels like. But for that to work, you need to travel with people who feel [...]

Beautiful Balancing Boulders Of Hampi

One of the popular landmarks in Hampi is the Sisters Stones. These are two huge boulders leaning on each other by the side of a road. The right stone had previously developed a crack . In March 2011, it finally broke into pieces. One of the pieces stayed wedged at the top. This is how the [...]

Messing With A Mongolian Eagle

Mongolians use eagles and falcons to hunt foxes and hare in the cold winter months when it’s easy to spot these animals in the white snow. Near the parking lot of the Genghis Khan statue complex, there was a man with an eagle and I posed for a picture. The man slid a leather glove [...]

Mongolia By Motorcycle

When I decide to explore a country by motorcycle, I usually search for a good motorcycle rental on the Internet and make a reservation. I then research the places I want to visit and plot a route on my GPS. After landing in the country I simply show up at the rental, pick up my [...]

Ride To White Lake – Day 7

Day 7 of my ride to White Lake in Mongolia. We left Lake Ogii and rode off-road for 30 kms till we hit the highway. From there on it was a long ride back to Ulaanbaatar, where we had started the ride seven days ago. We rode a total of 1.750 kms around Mongolia and [...]

Ride To White Lake – Day 6

Day 6 of my ride to White Lake in Mongolia. We left Ikh Tamir after breakfast and spent the next few hours off-the tarmac. We stopped to see some deer stones and splashed through a bunch of streams. Then we reached a bank of a river to large to ride through and used a raft [...]

Ride To White Lake – Day 5

Day 5 of my ride to White Lake in Mongolia. We left White Lake in the morning and made our way back to Ikh Tamir. On the way we stopped to see a couple of volcanic caves and climb up the Khorgo volcano. Thereafter we hit the highway and kept riding east. We stopped at [...]


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