A Beautiful Lunch

One of the most memorable moments of the ride to Great White Lake in Mongolia was the lunch we had by a wooden bridge on the bank of a small river. We had been following the river for a couple of hours as it meandered through the grasslands. The sun kept playing hide and seek [...]

Camping At Chorla

On day 1 of Tiger Trail 2016, we camped on an open space at Chorla. As we were pitching our tents Santos Silveira reminded everyone to check their riding boots for snakes and scorpions before wearing them the next morning. Santos had rolled up his jeans and placed it besides his tent. When he went to wear [...]

Camping At Tillari

I was leading the way to our campsite in Tillari when I noticed a bison up ahead on the right side of the trail. I slammed the brakes and so did everyone else behind me. The bison stopped grazing to look up at us. We looked at each other wondering whether to go ahead or [...]

Cocoa And Chocolate

I was going through some old files and folders today and came across this three year old video. Back then I had a male Labrador called Cocoa and a female Rottweiler called Chocolate, who was still a puppy. I had to separate them because Chocolate had only one aim in life, and that was to [...]

Driving Supercars In Red Rock Canyon

TripAdvisor lists driving supercars in Red Rock Canyon among the top things to do in Las Vegas. A supercar is a term used to describe a very expensive and very fast sports car. I’m not that crazy about speed. But I couldn’t resist the urge to drive a supercar just to know what it feels [...]

Overnight In A Houseboat On The Chapora River

We spent this Saturday night on a houseboat called Santa Lucia in the middle of the absolutely peaceful Chapora river. The houseboat has three rooms with attached bathrooms and I was quote surprised by their size. My family of four fit quite comfortable in one of them. The other two were occupied by a couple [...]

A Drive To Tambdi Surla

Today I took my family for an aimless drive around Goa and we ended up in Tambdi Surla in the Mollem National Park located in the Western Ghats. Tambdi Surla is known for the Mahadev Temple which was built in the 12th century during the rule of the Kadamba Dynasty. The temple survived the Muslim [...]

Leaning Tower Of Bloody Mary

This evening we had dinner at a wonderful restaurant in Panaji called The Upper House. The food was great and the ambiance was excellent. But the one thing that wrecked my mind completely was the glass that my Bloody Mary was served in. It has a conical bottom and ever time I took a sip [...]

Weekend At Wildernest And Swapnagandha

Today I returned from a peaceful and rejuvenating weekend with family at Wildernest and Swapnagandha, a twin nature resort situated near the common border of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Here are some pictures. Click on the images for larger views. A view from the swimming pool looking down on the hills below The swimming pool [...]

Mongolian Lunch

I have been eating American food for the past month and today I decided to try something different. I noticed an eatery selling Mongolian food in the mall next to the hotel I am staying. I was quite amused to find that they had no menu. Apparently this is the way it works: Step 1: [...]


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