Riding The Suspension Bridge at Karte in Manang

Would you? ;-)

GoPro Hero 5 Image Stabilization

I’m quite impressed by the image stabilization in the GoPro Hero 5. It’s not optical image stabilization where tiny gyro sensors move the lens around to compensate for shake. It’s digital image stabilization where software crops around 10% of each frame. But if you set the angle of the camera to wide, you really don’t [...]

Hero Impulse Load Test

Yesterday I did a proper load test on my Impulse. I filled my saddle bags to the brim with the tail bag bursting with all of my camera gear. Before taking this motorcycle on a multi day adventure involving difficult trails I wanted to know if it was properly set up to manage on its [...]

Trail Stand

I had a tough time changing my Impulse’s tyres at home due to the lack of a center stand. I propped up each end of the motorcycle using paver tiles lying in my compound and almost dropped the motorcycle a couple of times. I knew there had to be a better way to work on [...]

Thoughts On Riding Jackets And Pants

I’ve been getting quite a few requests for recommendations on riding jackets and pants. So here goes… Like almost everyone else I started out by buying the cheapest available riding jacket and pant, mainly because I didn’t know any better. I picked a set from Cramster and used it for a while. Although it did [...]

Thoughts On The Indian National Flag And Anthem

I’ve tried not to publicly comment on the ongoing debate on respecting the Indian national flag and national anthem. But I’ve been reading some opinions of people on both sides of the argument and I feel compelled to add my two paisa. In my opinion, respecting or disrespecting the national flag or anthem has absolutely [...]

Fixing The Wrecked Bolt Problem

My biggest frustration when working on my motorcycles is a wrecked bolt head cause due mainly due to my inexperience or haste or sometimes a combination of both. The other day when removing the float bowl of my Impulse’s carburetor I wrecked the head of one of the tiny screws and ended up spending a [...]

Project Hero Impulse Adventure – Saddle Bag Bracket

Project Hero Impulse Adventure With the saddle bag brackets Project Hero Impulse Adventure appears to be complete. I tried using my Cramster Stallion saddle bags on Colt as is and found that they were touching the raised exhaust pipe on the right as well as bumping into the plastic tool box on the left. So [...]

Project Hero Impulse Adventure – Motocross Tyres

Project Hero Impulse Adventure Colt got new motocross shoes today. They have an amazing grip in the dirt. Twisting the throttle at standstill yields less wheel spin and more propulsion. It was the opposite with the stock Ceat Grip XL tyres that came with the Impulse. These tyres have “not for highway use” embossed on [...]

How To Use Your Motorcycle As A Tripod

One crucial piece of photography equipment that I miss on my rides is a tripod. A tripod is absolutely required to take gorgeous time lapse videos and sharp pictures of distant landscapes. The tripod I have is a pretty good one. But it is also quite large and heavy, making it cumbersome to strap to [...]


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